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Saw your work on the SAA site and followed the link. Really impressive watercolours, sensitive and skilled! Lovely colours!
Caroline Kaye

Hello Bob, I had lunch with Natalie & Angela on Saturday and she said you had a web site now. I still have some of your paintings and looking at your site there are some I remember from Janet's. Makes me nostalgic!! Hope you and Elizabeth are both well. Gillian.

Very impressive Robert

thanks these are great
mary oliver

Hi Bob,

Just had one of your paintings from 1980 reframed. Still love your work and glad to see you are still making people happy with your art. Love to Liz.

Hello. I am 13 and am considering a career in fine art photography. Your work is exactly what I had in mind for myself. Do you have any advice on how to get started???

From 1971 to 1976 I attended Blaydon Comprehensive School. You were one of the few teachers who made an impression on me. I can't profess to be any kind of artist, but the lines you frequently gave me gave me the writing practise. I am often told I have beautiful handwriting! Just in case you've forgotten: "Self discipline is essential in the formation of a sound character". Happy days, I hope you are well.
Madelyn Dusher (Foster)

I attended Blaydon Comp - 1969 - 1974 and also still remember those lines - got them doubled too as I was caught writing them out in class!! funnily enough Kim Reay and myself were just discussing this last Tuesday on our yearly outing.
Hope you are keeping okay
lynne brown(goddard)

Hi Robert, fantastic images. I am a little confused as to how to Market images.... i know its your livelyhood Robert and i understand if you dont want to help any tips on how to get more work out there would be so helpfull. I getting over cancer and need A LIFESTYLE CHANGE all the best robert
Wayne www.Waynebrown

Looked about the site a bit. Will be back to look
Thanks for sharing your work.
Will Tait

Hi Robert
Just starting to get into silverpoint and was looking at your amazing pieces. I have also joined the silverpoint page on facebook which comes up with a lot of helful tips. I was wondering if you could recommend a supply source for the paper, ground, pens etc required as so far I have only managed to source out of the UK.
Regards Pamela

Hello Robert
Got your msg about spam on old email address-- Originally, I wrote you because interested in Maddison ancestors. Now, I have seen your beautiful art-- how well you captured Northumberland.

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